Mei Yee Tse

Product/Visual/Web Designer

Daily Wellness Guide


Tightrope interactive wanted to create a landing page for Daily Wellness Guide, a health information toolbar.


The goal was to design a landing page that conveyed the idea that the Daily Wellness Guide toolbar enabled people to access health, fitness and medical information easily. The ultimate goal was to get people to download the toolbar.


I sought to create a design that people could relate to by selecting an image of an amiable athletic man, selecting images of a friendly doctor and people practicing yoga, and by using a soothing color palette, a clean and simple typeface and health-related icons. The design was created from scratch. I worked on all facets of the design from concept, design to coding build out. I worked on the following:

  • Concept
  • Research
  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design and Branding - colors, typefaces, imagery, logo design and layout
  • Front End Development of landing page in HTML/CSS
  • Link to landing page