Mei Yee Tse

Product/Visual/Web Designer



Tightrope Interactive wanted to create a landing page for RecipeHub, a recipe information website.


The goal was to design a landing page that evoked the breadth and feeling of the cooking world. The landing page was meant to encourage users to download the RecipeHub toolbar. Users could obtain free recipes and more cooking and recipe information through downloading the RecipeHub toolbar.


My design was a new design iteration of an existing landing page. The previous design aimed to highlight the plentiful recipe offerings of RecipeHub with a layout showing 16 small images of food dishes and their accompanying recipe titles. My new design kept 4 of the small food dish images from the previous design and placed it on the bottom of the page. (Note: These 4 small food dish bottom images are not shown in my current layout here.) I created brand new design elements on the top 3/4 portion of the page which included a new typeface, new layout of an image of a woman chopping vegetables with a black overlay and call to action to the right, and underneath, layout of the web page screenshot and the text block next to it. Working alongside the new copy, this new design described in greater detail the features of the RecipeHub toolbar and made the toolbar more enticing to download. I worked on all facets of the design from concept, design to coding build out. I worked on the following:

  • Concept
  • Research
  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design (new typeface, images, colors and layout)
  • Front End Development of landing page in HTML/CSS